What Are Backwoods Cigars? Read Before Buying

What Are Backwoods Cigars? Read Before Buying

September 02, 2021

The first cigars appeared at the end of the 19th century when technical progress had reached a reasonably high level. Creating this product was primarily motivated by the change in the rhythm of people's lives. Under the new conditions, heavy smokers no longer had the opportunity to spend a lot of time, customarily required to smoke classic cigars. A solution had to be found to this situation.

Cigars became a kind of trade-off for those who did not want to switch to modern cigarettes, wishing to maintain smoking quality. The new product was an excellent solution to the problem. Among the well-known effects of this type, special consideration should be given to Backwoods cigars. To appreciate them, you need to know more about this product.

Unlike a cigarette, the product consists entirely of tobacco. Also, there are no additions in the form of filters. Outside, the cigarette is usually covered with a natural tobacco leaf. This makes it look like a traditional cigar. The only difference is that there are no leaves inside but tobacco crumbs. This combination significantly reduces the process of smoking a product while preserving its natural flavour.

As a general rule, Backwoods cigars are made from Connecticut Broadleaf tobacco. Before entering production, it is kept for at least one year under special conditions. This makes it possible to significantly improve the taste and organoleptic characteristics of the finished product. The company has a motto: "Wild and smooth." It symbolizes a combination of a not very clean appearance and delicate aroma. Such a cigarette, with sloppy and ragged edges, resembles an Indian scooter. At the same time, it has a surprisingly smooth taste, complemented by a range of pleasant aromas. This unique feature has caused the great popularity of Backwoods Company products.

Product assortment

In order to fully satisfy a variety of tastes of users' wishes and preferences, the company's management pays great attention to the variety of products. At the sale of Backwoods cigars, you can buy:

  • In blocks of 25 pieces. Each product is additionally wrapped in a sealed transparent tube. Having overall dimensions of 13 x 114 millimetres, it allows you to smoke continuously for 30 minutes. Such products in the sales network can be sold individually.
  • In soft packs of 5 pieces. In this case, no single sealed tube wrap is used.


The list of Dominican cigar assortments is quite diverse. The blocks with part products are of three types:
  • Aromatic.
  • Grape
  • Wild rum.
For the soft packs, a wider variety of scents have been developed:
  • Black 'n Sweet Aromatic.
  • Grape
  • Affection.
  • Honey Berry.
  • Original.
  • Sweet Aromatic.
  • Vanilla.
  • Wild rum.
This diversity allows any buyer to choose the right product.

The price of pleasure

Not all cities have good tobacco stores. This deprives many smokers of the opportunity to purchase desired products. Those who are more fortunate may not be shy in their wishes. Usually, in good specialty stores, you can buy a variety of products from any manufacturer.

For those who prefer their Backwoods company products, you will have to shell out quite a bit. Cigars of this brand cost from 60 to 75 rubles. This is quite expensive, if you compare, for example, with the price of a pack of cigarettes. Packaged products will cost a smoker much cheaper. For five pieces, you will have to pay from 250 to 300 rubles. In addition, in this case, there is a greater variety of flavours. This fact is another reason to opt for this particular brand. Any buyer should remember that Backwoods is the perfect combination of unusual shape, original taste, and excellent quality.

How Much Does Backwood Cost?

Here at Bloom Cannabis, our backwoods cigars are available in 5 flavors for $20 bucks:

  1. Backwoods Russian Cream flavor - is produced in small quantities, which is why it is so difficult to find.
  2. The Backwoods Honey cigars - covered in a dark and chewy broadleaf wrapper, they offer a perfect blend of rich cigar flavor and sweet, juicy honey.
  3. Backwoods Dark Stout - cigarillos are made with 100% natural tobaccos, full-flavored stout infusions, hints of dark cocoa, and the perfect amount of coffee.
  4. Backwoods Honey Berry Cigars - come in a foil airtight pouch, which retains the cigar's Montreal flavor and aroma, as well as maintaining a high moisture level.
  5. Honey Backwoods cigars - are renowned due to their being budget-friendly and having an aromatic filler of natural tobaccos infused with honey flavorings. Buy Backwoods Canada cigars today!