We’re lucky to have you as a valued customer and friend. In being so, we want our customer’s support and trust in us to be appreciated by earning Bloomcoins! By registering for these coins, you will be eligible to earn Bloomcoins on every order which can be redeemed as store credits towards your next order. 

How does Bloomcoins work?

  • Each $1 spent equals 1 Bloomcoin
  • For 150 points you can redeem $10 OFF your order (essentially you’ll get $1 for every $15 you spend).

Earn Bloomcoins through Reviews

Reddit (150 Bloomcoins or $10): Write us a review in one of the two subreddits we love below! Remember to post a picture of your order and include a review of the products!

1) r/CanadianMOM
2) r/MOMpics

Reddit Review Format:

Name of company: Bloom
Customer Service: /10
Quality of Product: /10
Value: /10

Instagram (150 Bloomcoins or $10): Create a story and a post of your purchase as well as a brief review of our product! *Don’t forget to tag us! * (POINTS WILL NOT APPLY IF YOU DON’T TAG US)

YouTube (150 Bloomcoins or $10): Are you a cannabis enthusiast and reviewer on YouTube? Post a video of your Bloom order! (3min minimum clips)

To acquire Bloomcoins for reviews, please send us a Text (647) 491-5800 with the following information below:

  1. Account Username
  2. Direct Links of the reviews
  3. Bloomcoins will be credited once reviewed and confirmed by Bloom *1 Review per platform, per order.

Product review (15 Bloomcoins or $1): Leave a review on the product page telling us how you felt about the product and earn extra points!